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Summary of Fringe Benefits Booklet

​Oklahoma Employees

The Mission of OPEA
is to unite public employees in Oklahoma to improve the quality of state employment. We are a grass-roots, member-driven organization. Our board and staff receive information and ideas through member dialogue and participation.

GITW Benefits is an Endorsed Partner of the OPEA 

We bring a new and innovative program to the Oklahoma State Employees, to help them better understand their Base Benefits and make quality decisions about supplemental coverage for themselves and their families. 

We strive help take the confusion out of your Benefit selection options.

Schedule a Benefits Review

Oklahoma State Benefits Book

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How are Benefit Overviews Presented?

  • Small or large group presentations

  • Luncheon or breakfast presentations

  • Coordinated meetings with OPEA

  • Individual Employee Benefit Reviews

    • Worksite meetings (break room or conference room)

    • Offsite meetings (at a local coffee shop, etc.)

What is a Benefit Overview?

  • Employee Groups will receive a formal presentation of the Employees Base Benefits, an overview of OPEA operations, and a look at the additional coverage that can help complete an employees insurance portfolio.
  • Individual Benefit Reviews go over more personal details so the GITW representatives will present the best options tailored to each employee and family.