GITW offers supplemental coverages from some of the top-rated companies in the Industry

Protect Your Lifestyle(Your most valuable asset – Your Income)
Disability Income Insurance

•  The benefit will pay for 6 months
•  Max benefit of up to 60% of their gross monthly income

Life Events - Long-Term Care
•  Universal Life Insurance and Long-Term Care at one low price

Protect Your Family
Life Insurance Plan - Permanent Coverage **
•  Guarantee Issue* for Employee, Spouse, Children, and grandchildren
•  Level Premiums & Affordable Rates
•  Paid up by age 65 (ages 0-55) Ordinary Life coverage is available to age 76
•  Built-in Cash Value and Policies are Portable

Cash Benefit Cancer Plan
•  Pays up to $50,000 on the first-time diagnosis (policy terms and conditions apply)

Protect Your Family - Protect Your Life - Protect Your Lifestyle

Plan options are subject to State availability, guidelines and restrictions. Consult your GITW representative to select the program that will best supplement your Base Benefits.

Protect Your Life
Accident Expense Insurance
•  Pays per accident for visits to a physician, urgent care, emergency room or chiropractor.
•  Pays a fixed cash benefit for injuries resulting from a covered accident.

Hospital Indemnity Insurance
•  Pays Initial Confinement (Lump Sum) benefit. (May vary based on plan design)
•  Pays a Daily Benefit in addition to Lump Sum, per hospitalization.

Critical Illness Insurance
•  Covers 25+ Conditions & Illnesses, including Heart Attack, Stroke, & Cancer!

Wellness Benefit Rider (State specific guidelines apply)